Collection: The Healing Flame

Take me away but let me stay. The Healing Flame Candle Company was designed to bring a mind (strategy, ever-thinking) and body (self-care) experience. We push M.A.B.E TIME here at the Healing Flame. 

You will enjoy intoxicating fruity scents(apricots, red apples and oranges), with soft clean middle notes (jasmine & crumpets)  and rich velvet bottom notes(powdery liqueur, sandalwood and coconut bourbon).   The Healing Flame  was created to be a "Mood Changer", you won't find fragrance selections here. Instead, you will find Moods  such as; 

My Kids Getting On My Nerves

Date Night 

Black Dress Red Bottoms 

Can You Tell I Have On A Waist Trainer 

The Healing Flame Signature 

Tom Boy 

Diet Cheat Day 

I'm In My Prayer Closet

7 Streams Of Income and more... Not to mention , IT'S LOTION!. Please wait 5 seconds after dipping out the melted oil or the cream butter(candle wax) before applying.